Explore the secrets and stories of the Lullymore Peatlands

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Explore the secrets and stories of the Lullymore Peatlands. Lullymore really is a special place – a rich, green island surrounded by Ireland’s largest peatland, the Bog of Allen.

There is lots to explore here…… learn about the people of the Peatlands and how the bogs formed, what they’re made from, the bog’s historic secrets, its industrial past and the beautiful flora and fauna that thrive on peatlands. When you visit the Peatlands exhibition, make sure you look out for wildlife from the observation windows – you will see the forms dug by the hares for shelter, the tide of bog cotton reclaiming its past territory and you might just hear the cry of the curlew or songs of skylarks, lapwing and other birds of the bog.

Our Biodiversity Boardwalk, the first of its type in Ireland, meanders serenely through glassy lakes and rejuvenating peat land of birch, heathers and bog cotton. It tells the story of how the Irish midlands great raised bogs, 10,000 years in the making are at the dawn of a new era now that commercial extraction of peat has ceased. Many communities across the midlands like Lullymore are embracing a new relationship with our peatlands by actively promoting and rehabilitating bogs and protecting its wonderful biodiversity!

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