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Welcome to our Discover Primary Science pages. Here you can find out all about our educational tours, look at updates from our ongoing tree sap experiment. The DPS programme aims to develop creativity in our children, show them how important science is to our everyday lives and more importantly how much fun it can be! Lullymore’s educational tours will help promote a sense of wonder and appreciation of science and our environment in children of all ages.

We feel our Science Trail will help promote a sense of wonder and appreciation of science and our natural environment in children of all ages and assist many schools to achieve their Award of Science Excellence from the Department. The Discover Primary Science trail in Lullymore was researched by Mr Dick Warner, Environmentalist and covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Woodland Ecology
  • Renewable Energy Composting
  • Species & Family Plant & Animal Identification
  • Soil & Vegetation: Peatland & Mineral
  • Peat Bogs: Formation and uses
  • Native or Introduced: Which plants and animals are native?
  • Selective Breeding: Domesticated animals / cultivated plants

Everything about the trail is hands-on and practical. Each topic is covered on boards which are situated in areas of the Park where students can see or touch the process or item which is being discussed. Trained guides will be with the group at all times and will assist the group with experiments after the tour. Workbooks are also given to each pupil to help revision. The day finishes with a presentation of your Certificate of Attendance. The Trail is suitable for children aged between 7 and 13 years. Contact us for more information. 

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Can you spot the Buff Tip moth?

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