Irish Folklore at Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park

Learn about the Irish Folklore at Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park. Lullymore Heritage & Discovery Park is an enchanted place. Long before the Park became “a Park”, a Lone Bush (Hawthorn) grew where the theme gardens now are. In Irish folklore, these Lone Bushes are the meeting places of the Fairies. The fairies are believed to be the Tuatha de Danann, one of the first tribes to arrive in Ireland, they were magical and secretive people.

When warrior tribes like the Milesians began to arrive in Ireland the Tuatha de Danann were defeated in battle but would not be forced to leave. They loved Ireland so much they decided to use their magic to shrink themselves and live underground. The tunnels which you can see are believed to travel all over the country to different fairy villages. Each fairy village is marked by a single hawthorn tree or Lone Bush located nearby.

The fairies are a secretive people who are blamed by the local Irish for many things which they cannot explain. As a result, the fairies like to be left alone and it is considered bad luck to disturb a fairy bower or a Lone Bush. But, they do love children and if you treat them well they may just grant you a wish at their fairy tree or Lone Bush.

In Lullymore, our Lone Bush still stands there right beside our Fairy Bower (Village). It’s the one with the stones around it in the garden so make sure to make a wish and remember no money, love and keep it a secret until it comes true.

When you visit the village make sure and be quiet as you approach because you just might catch a glimpse of a fairy.

fairy village at winter